manuel facchini

Manuel Facchini

“I do not make plans . I try to live day by day chasing my passion”

Manuel Facchini was born in Verona but is a cosmopolitan man, having lived and worked in Verona and Milan as well as in London, where he studied at the prestigious Saint Martin's school and was swept away by the spirit of the city. Fusion has become a defining element of his life and career: a path that began in the world of art and, thanks to an acute and experimental syncretism, has led to a new couture that continuously combines heritage and innovative shapes and concepts. After gaining valuable experience with Anglomania and Fendi jeans, Manuel Facchini became the artistic director of the historic italian fashion brand Byblos in 2006, to which he gave new luster by creating iconic ready-to-wear apparel. In february 2015, during London fashion week, the designer presented the result of years of professional growth based on experimentation, creativity, and a desire to embrace exciting new challenges with passion. This new adventure allowed him to express himself unconditionally, thanks to an intuition that developed outside of traditional fashion rules combined with a sublime aesthetic directly descending from art, with iconographic references and influences from various origins. This syncretistic "mix and match" led to the creation of his namesake brand: Manuel Facchini, an international label that presents a women's collection with a refined, sophisticated concept and production, entirely made in italy according to haute sartorial rules that make each garment a true work of art.

The designer's approach reveals a desire for experimentation and an encounter with new worlds. Manuel Facchini is a line that blends two apparently irreconcilable universes – gothic rock and high-tech sport – which become complementary through an unusual stylistic concept and artistic approach. Deriving from a visual inspiration dramatically reminiscent of a skeleton, it acquires feminine nuances and flavors, evolving into a gothic dimension that melds with the sports world, where advanced production techniques create 3d effects and structured volumes in garments with a sleek, clean silhouette. Manuel Facchini tells a story through his collections: the narrative is an explosive blend of cultures and countercultures ranging from victorian england to life on mars, from northern european gothic moods to Hollywood glamour. The synthesis of these elements gives his garments a pure, geometric, sculptural aesthetic for a concept of absolute beauty.