A myth that transcends time and remains relevant today, taking on new meanings and becoming a metaphor for change: this is the post-modern Ophelia designed by Manuel Facchini. A figure who like a Phoenix, is reborn from water to a new life thanks to her clothes. The evolution of an icon becomes an allegory for the new direction taken by the designer, who uses the temptation of the legend to show the birth of his style, in a video produced by Andrea Brunetti, in which his debut collection literally takes form.
In a dramatically rarefied industrial context, where the silence is broken only by the rhythmic beat of a drop that falls on a black stretch of water, we see the silhouette of a woman's nude body, inanimate and white like that of a porcelain doll. In an instant she wakes up and on the skin of the new Ophelia, struck by a drop – almost a metaphor for the seed of an alien being – geometric lines are drawn like tattoos, which take the form of the most emblematic articles in the Manuel Facchini Fall-Winter Collection 2016.
The DNA of the first line is shown in the patterns of the dresses that accompany a plastic - almost cyborg - dance of the woman who becomes a symbol of a return to life. A new creative force originates from the movements that accompany the changes of clothing in a path of evolution that represents the birth of the Manual Facchini collection and its decisive elements, the contamination and fusion between apparently far-away universes that come together in a play of contrasts, to become style.

Everything and its opposite: the Gothic aspect, represented by the figure of Ophelia, meets the future, the geometric pattern that characterizes the dresses, joined by the subtle boundary of water, that gives and takes life, transforming everything without continuity. A video that unites and thrills, concluding with a circular ending in which the woman is again immersed in the water, returning to the Ophelia of tradition as if it had all been a dream. A dream made possible only by the dresses designed by Manuel Facchini.
The dramatic femininity of cyborg Ophelia has the face and body of the top model Sanny Snaps, captured by the sophisticated images of Andrea Brunetti, a Milanese director and scriptwriter, born in 1975, who after a long experience in the theater – recognized by numerous awards such as the Flaiano prize – has now found his place in directing videos.